Here are some of my projects that I am either currently working on, or have worked on in the past.

Devin's Bookie Multimedia site

A web application with 100,000+ users. Built with HTML/CSS/JS. Powered by a node.JS backend on AWS EC2 and a custom CMS.

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Class Schedule Enhancer

A Chrome extension that allows users to view and sort by class average GPA and professor ratings in the UMD class directory.

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Article Subject Predictor

A machine learning model that classifies articles with subjects. Uses TF-IDF for feature extraction and random forrest for classification.

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Gcal <> Extension

App for users to integrate their existing boards with Gcal and easily view/book meetings.

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Betting Line Optimizer

A sports betting tool allowing users to take advantage of more beneficial bets not publicly offered.

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Personal Website

The website that you are currently on! Showcases my projects & resume. Built with Bootstrap HTML, JS, & CSS. Hosted on a GCP bucket.

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