About me


In short, I am a creator, and I created this site to give a better look into my creations. I hope you enjoy.

If you are curious about anything, want help with something, or just want to talk, please reach out to me!

Devin's Bookie(DBA)

Last year, I was brought on to be the head of product / CTO at Devin's Bookie with my main responsibility being leading our development of our internal betting algorithms and user-facing tools. The website can be found here: devinsbookie.com. I also revamped much of our payments and acquisition funnels. I have since left the team, but if you are curious to learn more about DBA check out the Twitter/X @DevinsBookie.

Other Interests

Outside of my studies and projects, I am a passionate skier, soccer player, and woodworker.

In the near future, I plan on updating this site with more about my personal life and interests.


Email : edetjen19@gmail.com

Phone :+1(617)775-0365

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-detjen/